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Smashwords is having a "Read an Ebook Week"! For the writers on there, don't forget to register your books promotion! And for the readers don't forget to check at the books on sale (Including Demon Soul ) Use the code REW75 at checkout for 75% off!

Demon Soul has been added to smashwords premium, (I guess I did the formatting right after all) which means it will be available shortly in Kobo, Barnes&Nobles and the Apple store. I hope you'll find the right version for you!! Enjoy the read.

And it the Attic, there was a large and strange mirror...

Try rising a baby demon in a secret room in your house's library... baby demons are really complicated... to know why, read Demon Soul.

The New Edition of Demon Soul arrived this week-end. It's the first hard cover edition and it turned out pretty well even in the new printer changed the colours a bit compared to what I'm used to with CreateSpace. Now I have the paperback and the hard cover and multiple version of the ebook. I'm not sure I will have the hard cover on sale, it is not a priority on my to do list for the moment.

Brownie tried to call Yue's soul back doing Magick over and over again... But she was just a beginner witch and Demons are unpredictable.