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Minoan frying pan with decorative spirals. From around 2700 to 1450 BC, the Minoan civilization flourished as a seafaring and mercantile culture. This vibrant culture was centred around the island of Crete and eventually dominated the Agean region. The Egyptians called the Minoans “the Sea Peoples” and had a fond appreciation for Minoan pottery and ceramics, prized for their innovative shapes and sea-inspired designs

The Shipibo are mainly known for their art of pottery and geometric-linear decorative style. They identify with this sophisticated art of patterns and take pride in them as a very specific expression of refinement that distinguishes them from neighbour tribes. In former times, almost all objects in Shipibo and Conibo villages were decorated with patterns.

TANG DYNASTY POTTERY CAMEL, painted pottery model of a Bactrian camel; with head thrown up showing expressive features; standing four-square on base, with much original pigments remaining; H: 20"

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