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Great idea for putting season clothes away. Best moving tip ever - keep all your hanging clothes together with a garbage bag!

Using the correct boxes will speed up your move - saving you money & help avoid damage - saving you heartache!

reorganized: Moving Tips

reorganized: Moving Tips Tape sheets to entry areas that are color coded to match room duct tape so everyone will know where to go. Also put a piece of each duct tape on the correct door jam for easy identification!

Some people may not realize it but there are actually a lot of great advantages that come with choosing a professional moving company such as Golan to assist them to relocate successfully. Because they fail to realize all these benefits, they try getting the job done themselves. In fact, some of them solicit help from friends and family members.

Boxes: An Ode to the Wardrobe

Your best moving supplies? Wardrobe boxes! Never knew how helpful this was until professional movers moved us to Sarasota, FL.