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When I went to drug rehab for the first time I was merely expecting to learn how to not do drugs. I had no idea that drug rehab was going to consist of something more than just facing my drug addiction. #addiction #drugrehab #drugs #treatment #recovery

A new you Narcissistic Abuse Recovery... You gotta move on for yourself. So glad some people are able to do that. Life is much better and family is closer now!

How Pornography Addiction Affects the Teenage Brain – Infographic
from To Love, Honor and Vacuum

Kids, Gadgets, and Christmas: Protect Your Kids Online

Pinner says: 'As I worked on this I considered what I would have so appreciated having available in my early years of recovery from mood disorders, alcoholism, and addiction. Includes photos of my art journal along with mental health and art journal tips.' 32 page Free PDF download

from Sober Nation

Mistakes In Early Sobriety: 5 No-No's To Always Avoid

Mistakes in early sobriety can be game changers. Sometimes just one simple mistake can lead to a relapse, and who knows where a relapse can lead you.

from Counseling Recovery, Michelle Farris, LMFT

Are You Codependent?

Codependency is often underneath addiction and doesn't get noticed in early recovery. Take notice!