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Featuring the heart-warming artistry of Pam Chatley, this purr-fectly adorable black cat SockHead™ glass ornament is artfully infused with home-spun charm. Our cat's artfullly hand-painted face is composed of two soulful eyes, a button nose and a whimsical grin all framed by a festive red knit hat that allows his two pointy ears to peek through. Coming ready to hang with a red ribbon, this 3¼" round frosted glass ornament is paws-atively darling! ©Chatley. Made in the USA.B...

1girl ankle_ribbon bangs black_legwear black_shoes blue_ribbon breasts broken building butterfly chess_belle cleavage detached_sleeves dress earrings fang full_body grass hair_ornament hairclip headdress heart heart_earrings highres hk_(hk) holding_sword holding_weapon horns jewelry lock magic owari_no_seraph padlock pantyhose pointy_ears purple_flower purple_hair red_eyes ribbon shadow shoes short_hair sitting solo sword thorns vampire weapon