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The results of a Survation/Sky News poll of more than 1,000 young people about politics, politicians and voting. #StandUp

The first step in playing positive office politics is knowing how your colleagues view you. This painless worksheet will help you do that.

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Drinking Water: A Human Right at Risk in America

How I was under unkind parent, so viewed and so true! 'Al!'• RELATED ART FORMS • ◦ Capitalism ◦

WHY OLD AGE HOME IN DARJEELING ? In the history of Darjeeling 75 % of the land is covered by the tea garden and 20% percentage is covered by the agriculture including forestry and the rest is urban. It was 1883 the British planted the tea bushes in Darjeeling hills since then the laborers are being engaged with their perspiration and blood. They spent and struggled their life for the tea bushes generation to generation but the time turned their fate into the drought of life and began to…

You gotta give it to Trump..he convinced a Bunch Hateful Morons they alone own this country and he's here to help them "Take It Back." Back from Who? From What? The Black President, The Immigrants? The Government (filled with Rotten Bastards they elected)? Truth is Our Country doesn't belong to just White People!! It belongs to ALL AMERICANS NO MATTER RACE, COLOR OR CREED!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!

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100% Whole Wheat & Naturally Sweetened Blueberry Muffins

100% Whole Wheat & Naturally Sweetened Blueberry Muffins Tender muffins that are jam packed full of blueberry and a secret ingredient that amps up the blueberry flavor. They are naturally sweetened and dairy-free. These muffins are so good, they will soon be a staple in your house!

People who are wondering why Donald Trump might be referencing some historical Clinton issues, might do well to refresh their memory on how vengeful Clinton staffers trashed the White House when Vi...

States Have an Incentive to Promote Disability Fraud – Not Stop It – So How Much Fraud is There? : Freedom Outpost