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Emily Rosen is the CEO of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and is on a mission to forever change the way the world relates to food, body and health. #WordsOfWisdom #LifeLessons #Inspiration

"I as a child didn't understand what I was staring at, I just watched as this shadowed creature curled up in the corner weeping. When I wouldn't look at him, he would form an evil grin and try to kill me. Luckily he couldn't get to me through the mirror." Riley thought smiling at himself in the mirror laughing slightly "But now were good friends."

فاصبر إن وعد الله حق فإما نرينك بعض الذي نعدهم أو نتوفينك فإلينا يرجعون So be patient indeed the Promise of Allah is true and whether We show you some part of what We have promised them or We cause you to die then it is to Us they all shall be returned. #Quran #Muslim #Islam #wayoflife #ayah #sign #life #destiny #peace #wordsofwisdom #patience #reflection #quote #creativemuslimwomen

We all must evolve. It is a part of life. Evolution is difficult and beautiful at the same time. The transition may be difficult but it is worth it. Once you stop evolving you die