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looking at this will make your day

Here's a fun batch of perfectly timed animal photos. And, since a picture is worth a thousand words, I think they'll do cutest animal picture ever

Animals Sniffing Flowers Is The Cutest Thing Ever http://9gag.com/gag/aYeLwQ2?ref=fbp

Animals Sniffing Flowers Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Funny pictures about Animals Smelling Flowers. Oh, and cool pics about Animals Smelling Flowers. Also, Animals Smelling Flowers photos.

Pin trobat a http://www.lolme.org/lolpics/baby-koala-life-story/

Amazing story about baby koala's life in pictures. I want koala twins!


“How can you not be a happy, smiling dog when you get kisses from cows?

What are you suggesting?  Of course he's yours!

Mother hen warming a puppy--if this doesn't make you want to only buy organic, free range eggs, from lovingly tended chickens, I don't know what will! Hens are so cute!

Scottish Highland Cow or what i like to call them "Hairy Cows"! love these cows :)

A Scottish Highland Cow Is Not a Yak!

Scottish Highland cows may look like yaks, but they are actually an intelligent breed of cattle.

Love this face :)

If you're happy and you know it then your face will really show it. Smiley goat with a flip.

I will name her Maribeth

6 Things That Happened When I Gave Up Dairy I am thinking about going vegan. Watch Vegucated to learn more about being vegan.

Sheep Family

harvestheart: Family of Sheep in West Virginia , Charlotte Geary Photography (via TumbleOn)