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French Stem-Changing Present Tense Verbs Interactive Notebook Flapbook

Verbs flapbook for interactive notebooks to record stem-changing verbs in French. Keep verb charts succinct and organized with these easy-to-use inserts.

Colors in French Poster, Les Couleurs, Large 20 X 30

If I ever get around to offering French classes for little kids, I want this poster on the wall!

Les sons français en images - French phonics illustrated word wall

A 360 word illustrated French phonics word wall, covering the following sounds: - short vowels and consonants - high frequency sounds (an/en, ch, eu, in, oi, on, ou, qu) - accents - changes with b and p (an - am, en - em, in - im, on - om) - complex sounds (ail, eil, euil, eur, gn, ille or, ouille, ph, ui, un) - different spelling patterns for the same sounds (é, es, ez, er), (è, ai, et) (in, ain, ein, aim) (o, au, eau)

French Winter Sports Activity Bingo and Vocab Cards Package

FREE - Winter activities bingo game for French. Includes 2 leveled versions & word wall cards by Madame Aiello

Voilà 5 organigrammes gratuits de la Ressource: Les Études sociales de l'Ontario et le processus de l'enquête, 1ère à 8ème année. S.S. INQUIRY-BASED LEARNING en français!

French speaking activity - adjectives speaking task cards for beginners

Need a way to practice French adjectives in class? Kids love this French adjectives speaking activity, because they get to get up and move!This set of 36 questions is perfect for beginners who need more practice with -adjectives, the structure of Est-ce que, and full sentence responses.