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Sci Fi name generator- This has a ton of really cool names!

Dune, the 1984 sci-fi masterpiece by David Lynch,has everything a Space Opera drama could ask for, including Patrick Stewart! The film is an adaptation of the novel by the same name and while it is a .

Portrait Photography by Minsk, Belarus based photographer Maksim Mashnenko

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REMEMBER: these are names from different cultures and languages. They will sound completely illogical and out-of-place if you use them in the wrong setting. Also, some of these arent even names, but are simply words. Look these up before you use them.

Unique Baby Names or book character names.Both of our names are on this list, baby girl Harper and baby boy Grayson!

Names inspired by the seasons. Names I like from this list.  Phoenix, Bae, Sparrow, Eloise, Fleur,  June, Lilac, Lily Aurora

Online Photo Editing: Give Your Photos A Makeover With These Cool Tools

Names inspired by the seasons My choice names for this one would have to be: Cedar, Slate, Talon, Xavier, and Poppy.

"Nope" this is one of my favourite ideas for an anime that I have seen

"Nope". Would watch the hell out of that

"Also Dad told me to stop narrating crap." this is one of my favourite ideas for an anime that I have seen

Desktop Goodies: Next time you’re on a boat, remember that this is exactly what’s going on underneath you.

A Siren isn't really a sea monster but sailors have told tales of these beautiful women that sing to you and seduce you into their trap of bloodlust. They are said to eat the sailors alive or drowned them deep in the ocean.