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Hetalia - Hetalia charecters favorite dances. I wanna see Prussia dancing the pole dance. But Italy... bloody what...

I love swing dancing! XD Italy is too accurate it hurts. is no one going to mention Prussia?

hetalia in real WW2 people.....I can't stop laughing...oh my god help....

Creepy & scary) I'm a swine, I know it) I've heard a chat between 2 girls: what would happen, if countries-guys had been turned to real the persons? hetalia in real people

Yup. I'd say that's pretty accurate xD

Gotta admit, I loved history before I loved Hetalia, Hetalia just makes every history lesson that much more amusing c: >>>>>lol same X )

not hetalia but still hetalia <-- all's hetalia<-- everything is hetalia<-- *whispers* boku Hetalia<----Ne Ne Papa

not hetalia but still hetalia <-- all's hetalia<-- everything is hetalia<-- *whispers* boku Hetalia<----Hetalia is the world<< DRAW A CIRCLE THATS THE EARTH<-- NE NE PAPA<--This fandom.<<< Everything will be made about Hetalia

I'm not a fan of being out in the country, and Alfred F. Jones still looks good! :) Hetalia Bookmark USA

Hetalia Bookmark USA Because nothing's more American than sipping on some cold lemonade and eating a slice of apple pie in a wheat field.

A picture of an eggplant causes a war between countries.

A picture of an eggplant…

Funny pictures about A picture of an eggplant. Oh, and cool pics about A picture of an eggplant. Also, A picture of an eggplant.

Soon the rock won't be the only thing he'll be king of. #arupocalypse #why am i doing this

Hetalia where it REALLY shouldn't be>>>>what are you talking about?you are literally living in hetalia right now if you know what i mean