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This lovely peacock carve from daikon radish and watermelon peel for the tails which set in on carve watermelon roses.

Melon Flower and Peacock Bouquet by ~Chuncarv on deviantART. Beautiful fruit plate created from melon flowers, melon peel carve leave, celery ribbon and carrot carve into PEACOCK.

This is really cool! It's like a Christmas tree...made out of vegetables! Healthy and creative!

When you're signed up to bring a "veggie tray" to the Christmas Party, make this Veggie Christmas Tree and put it in the middle of the food table. You'll knock the socks off your family and friends. How do you eat?

Carved Watermelon Food Art  http://myhoneysplace.com/food-art-pictures/

Food Art Pictures

Orange food art: http://myhoneysplace.com/food-art-pictures/

Food Art Pictures

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Decoração com frutas: Quanto mais simples, mais bonita

Today I am posting really interesting article it is about different and beautiful fruit and vegetable cutting styles. Fruits and vegetables themselves look beautiful their fresh and bright colors m…