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Need a little challenge to get your rear in gear? Try this simple and easy-to-follow 6-Week Vacation Challenge from He and She Eat Clean!

Man was not meant to go to the depths of hell. He was created to worship God and ascend into the wonderful creation he has created for them who love him. Look up and praise the Lord before it is to late.

Patrik Jonasson - full thick black beard very handsome beards bearded man men mens' style lumberjack plaid winter snow #beardsforever

French mood - Instant Download - Paper Pack - Set of 10 Digital Scrapbook Paper - 12 x 12 inches

Bike tour along Normandy coast, France. It was remarkable to me to stand anywhere near where my father may have stood when he landed with the other U.S. soldiers on D-day!!

"Mr. Money Mustache" a website/blog that deals with all aspects of money, including hope repairs, vacations, and the ways you can make your money work and not spend it. There is a new post/article every few days to keep it up to date. (PS..I have read some of the articles, but have not moved my money, invested it etc..)