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We had one of these come into the shelter. He had bright green eyes though, so cool!

Cute pictures of cats - Community - Google+

Scottish Fold, white of the eye showing, tongue out.saucy looking little critter,huh?

mog_3517105b.jpg (620×387)

mog_3517105b.jpg (620×387)

I'd take all four!!

Did you know that Black Cats and Dogs are the last pets to be Adopted. We have 3 Beautiful Black kittys they are Sweet and Loving just like the other kitties. Please Give them a chance when you go to adopt.

Black cat, fall, halloween

autumndreaming: Need a little NOW. Kthxbye-- This is a beautiful black cat walking along a fallen tree log. The autumn background with the black cat, gives this photo a real Halloween feel.

©Hermione British Shorthair, chocolate british shorthair kitten

©Hermione British Shorthair, chocolate british shorthair kitten

When does the whirlpool start?

animal-factbook: When depressed, cats would sit in a bathroom sink and contemplate about life. Cat owners can help their furry companions by scratching their head and giving them a cardboard box to play in. Cats love that shit.