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Today, Japan celebrates Hinamatsuri! (✿´‿`) Happy Girls' Day!! (◕▽◕✿) Sharing the Worldwide JapanLove ♥ ♥ Art by Little Miss Paintbrush ♥

Hinamatsuri #sushi: A dash of rice vinegar is added to sticky rice & is mixed in with a few #veggies & topped off with a bit of #Japanese omelet, shrimp and why not caviar? After all Hinamatsuri celebrates dolls, girls and princesses!

Hina doll display - Hina-matsuri Japan For Girl's Day. We know its "bad luck" but ours is displayed all the time. In a row not stepped like this

Wagashi is a generic name for Japanese sweets. In making and appreciating Japanese sweets, much attention is paid to shape, texture and color. Ingredients commonly used include rice flour, anko (adzuki bean paste), and sugar. Most Wagashi are anko, and much depends on the quality of that paste.