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Campus Cutie Kelsey Perry-Sherman '17

For those of you who attended the Everything ELITE fashion show, you witnessed Kelsey grace the runway. She is fun sized, kind hearted, friendly, and gorgeous! You can always spot her walking around campus with a smile on her face. For those of us that know her, we love her. For those of you who don't, here's your chance to get to know Kelsey Perry-Sherman!

Campus Cutie Jordan Thornton '17

Jordan is a kind hearted, down to earth and very friendly girl. Definitely one of a kind, and beautiful inside and out! If you don't know Jordan, you're certainly missing out but here's a chance to get to know her. Full Name: Jordan Thornton Hometown: Orange County, CA (currently Atlanta, GA)

Campus Cutie Anna Foy '15

Anna is a gorgeous, easygoing girl who loves being outdoors! She loves horseback riding, camping, fishing, and being by the side of her Border Collie. She also enjoys painting pictures of the horses she gets to work with, as well as her dog. If you haven't been given the chance to get know Anna yet, here's your chance! Full Name: Anna Foy

Campus Cutie Kimmi Cantrell '14

You may have seen Kimmi around campus or behind the front desk in Georgia Hall! She's a gorgeous girl with a generous heart who loves to impact the lives of others. Here's your chance to get to know a little bit more about her! Hometown: Powder Springs, GA Major: Communications Zodiac Sign: Leo Relationship Status: Taken

Campus Cutie Jamaal Wilson '14

Campus Cutie Jamaal Wilson '14 | Her Campus

Campus Cutie Emanii Davis '16

Campus Cutie Emanii Davis '16 | Her Campus