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Irregular galaxy NGC 55 is thought to be similar to the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). But while the LMC is about 180,000 light-years away and is a well known satellite of our own Milky Way Galaxy, NGC 55 is more like 6 million light-years distant and is a member of the Sculptor Galaxy Group. Classified as an irregular galaxy, in deep exposures the LMC itself resembles a barred disk galaxy.

Help with building own tower for internet. Check out the full project We live in a thick wooded area. We can get satellite internet but with working from home and other activities it's extremely painful transition from city living fast internet.So we talked to the Internet company and we can get high speed internet if we put up our own tower. That is 100ft up. Searched some options but after much searching it always ends up being very expensive like 4k.Anyone know something I can buy preput…

Pain doesn't stem from the love we're denied by others, but rather from the love that we deny them. It feels as though we're hurt by what someone else did. ....someone else's closed heart has tempted us to close our own, and it is our denial of love that hurts.--A Return to Love.

California Governor Jerry Brown has already emerged as one of the leading voices in the American resistance against Donald Trump, and now he’s making specific threats against the so called “president-elect.” Even as Trump picks one climate change denier after another for his historically unsuitable cabinet, and seems intent on eliminating the satellites that monitor climate change, Brown is threatening to have California launch its own climate satellites. And he’s doing so in emphatic…

Here Are Our Options For Stopping A Killer Asteroid

Manicouagan Reservoir, Canada an asteroid crater. NASA [For some reason, my eyes keep seeing the round island as being in motion, slowly moving away.]

Top 10 Theories About the New "Doctor Who" Companion. These are great! Another pinner said: But may I add my own, and my personal favorite? Clara Oswin is Captain Jack Harkness's daughter. (Look alike, act alike, seemingly immortal, AND we know The Face of Boe was preggers at one point.<--- (episode where Nine and Rose go to Satellite 5).