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Brunette Mother and Daughter Child's Room Wall Art Print Gift

Mother+and+Daughter++Red+Hair++Nursery+Wall+Art+Print+by+MegNGrace. I NEED this for Galilee's big girl room... As soon as we know what color her hair will be. :)

baby, bed, believe, blue, bun, change the world, co-sleep, cosleep, cuddle, daughter, family bed, green, heart, infant, intimate, long hair, mother and child, newborn, pillow, red, sheets, son, swirls, white

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Needle felted Waldorf Doll. Mother and child standing doll. Soft sculpture. Made to order

So cool, so soft, so gentle, so simple and so complicated… Mother and child… love and care…A wonderful gift to one who is going to have a baby and for one who already has… They were born today in my mind, out of a wonderful mood, which I experienced, since this morning. She appeared beautiful,fresh, happy, wearing purple, and I crafted her out of pure organic wool. She is about 7.5 high and the little daughter is about 4.5 high. I accept custom orders for these dolls. It will take up a…

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Art Mother and daughter 'Bedtime Story' reading, Laurie Shanholtzer artist Canvas or art paper print, family wall decor