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Hazy Dream is meant to do just that. It will bring a dreamy haze to all of your photos. This set was meticulously created to be able to use on all types of photos, inside and out. Dark or light. It’s so gentle and versatile and can be used on all types of portraits: newborns, children, families, weddings and more. Included in the set is an action to cut the haze to allow your subjects to remain the focus, while still leaving it dreamy. Also included in the set, is a video of Emily…

Designed to reflect Emily Lucarz's editing style, the Dream Set will help you do just that. This action set was created for the photographer shooting indoors aiming to create whimsical, soft and airy images, or outdoors using the airy hazes and drama matte to create a magical ethereal look. This action also works really well on all flokati rugs, making them soft and dreamy while giving you options to have tonal overlays. Boudoir photographers will love it for the light touches and glow…

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Gentle Ways To Help Your Child Sleep Through the NIght

One of the biggest challenges a new parent faces is with a child who won't sleep. Here are a few gentle ways to help them that don't involve crying it out.

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