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Words mean nothing when they are lies and the same behavior follows. I'm not a fool i caught on and I'm glad i did.....

He does! And then breathe lies that you believe to lure you on the wrong track.

I am so old I have actually dialed a rotary phone before! likes · 792 talking about this.

Sometimes this is necessary... Beau Taplin | My greatest sorrow.

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So true. Gossip dies when it hits a wise person's ears. Why? Because it is never repeated by a wise person.

I feel like this should be a message hung somewhere prominent in everyone's home. I live it.

This is true in theory, but I don't exactly agree. Sometimes your silence can be "misquoted" as agreeing with what someone has said. There are times you need to make your position perfectly clear, so that your silence in not interpreted as agreement.

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We all make mistakes. Even big betrayals can be forgiven. But if you wont stop what is causing another pain or even apolgise...well it shows you have no respect for that person. There is no choice for you but accept who he chooses to be or remove your self. Your boundries are not a value to them!