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This is beyond amazing. A Gas Bridge links two #galaxies near our Milky Way- could we all be connected? http://www.space.com/16104-andromeda-galaxy-gas-bridge.html?PT_Space

WATCH: An Astronauts Voyage to the Final Frontier The panel "An Astronauts Voyage to the Final Frontier" held on October 12 kicked off Toronto International Film Festival's series of Trek Talks -- and StarTrek.com is pleased to share video of the entire 84-minute session. Presented in partnership with CBS and the Canadian Space Agency TIFF's Trek Talks feature roundtable discussions and keynote presentations that consider the influence of Star Trek in the areas of television film…

Picardo Checks Out LightSail 2 Spacecraft Test Every spacecraft must undergo thorough inspection before exploring the final frontier. The U.S.S. Voyager crew ran crucial tests before our initial launch. (This was before my program's initial activation in Sickbay but I watched the entire pilot episode so I know it's true). Recently I headed to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to join The Planetary Society team for the LightSail 2 spacecraft day-in-the-life-test. LightSail is a citizen-funded solar…

"The latest data indicate that we are clearly in a new region where things are changing more quickly. It is very exciting. We are approaching the Solar System's frontier."

Astronomers have discovered a massive galaxy made almost entirely of dark matter. Called Dragonfly 44, the galaxy is basically 99.99 percent dark matter.

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"What a beautiful spacecraft," said Gemini IX pilot Eugene Cernan during his two hour, eight minute spacewalk on June 5, 1966. He took this wide-angle photograph looking back at the window where command pilot Tom Stafford was watching. Image Credit: NASA/Eugene Cernan

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