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Explore Decimal Computation, Task Cards and more!

ALL of our students need help with this. And task cards are a great way to throw in some extra practice!

5th Grade Common Core Math Choice Boards {Measurement & Data and Geometry}

5th Grade Common Core Math Choice Boards! Choice boards for all the Measurement and Data and Geometry Standards. Perfect for centers, homework, enrichment, etc!

I used the acronym GIFT for my stations: G = GAMES I = INDEPENDENT WORK F = FACT PRACTICE T = TEACHER This is what my board looks like which helps the students know what to do at each station.

Classifying Quadrilaterals: 24 Task Cards

Classifying Quadrilaterals: 24 task cards! QR codes are optional! Great activity to get students out of their seats & interacting with one another!

Fractions & Decimals Review Game

Fractions & Decimals Review Game ~ Questions include comparing and ordering fractions and decimals, converting mixed numbers to improper fractions, and reducing fractions to simplest form.