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Arrowhead Bone Necklace Pendant Handmade Native American Carved Bone Star Arrowhead Pendant Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace # 299 by AlsJewelryDesigns on Etsy

Mosaic Shell Pendant, Abalone Pendant, Beaded Pendant, Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant, Gifts for Her, Holiday Gifts for Her

Abalone Shell Necklace Silver Plated Wire Wrapped Beaded Shell Pendant Unique Handmade Star Shell Pendant Necklace #596 by AlsJewelryDesigns on Etsy

Natural Black Fossil Necklace Pendant Men's Handmade Wire Wrapped Orthoceras Pendant Necklace #660

Orthoceras Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace Natural Black Fossil Necklace Pendant #660 by AlsJewelryDesigns on Etsy

Large Wire Wrapped Natural Emerald Pendant Necklace Birthstone Jewelry Handmade Sterling Silver Pendant OOAK Pendant Unisex Necklace #678

Raw Emerald Necklace Pendant Gifts for Her Handmade Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant Birthstone Jewelry Unique Pendant Unisex Necklace by ThePendantMan on Etsy

Wire Wrapped Pendant, Nymph Cameo Pendant, Faerie Cameo Pendant, Handmade Pendant, Wicca Pendant, Cameo Pendant, Gifts for Her

Agate Pendant, Wire Wrapped Pendant, Banded Agate Pendant, Gifts for Her, Healing Gemstone Pendant, Sterling Silver Necklace, Holiday Gifts

Wire Wrapped Necklace Blue Banded Agate Pendant Handmade Gifts for Her Healing Gemstone Pendant Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace #511 by ThePendantMan on Etsy

Swarovski Crystal Angel Pendant, Beaded Pendant, Wicca Pendant, Angel Pendant, Gifts for Her, Chakra Pendant, Rainbow Necklace

Chakra Angel Pendant Necklace Handmade Swarovski Crystal Beaded Pendant Wicca Angel Pendant Gifts for Her Sterling Pendant Necklace #650 by AlsSpiritualJewelry on Etsy

Blue Wire Wrapped Pendant, Howlite Donut Pendant, Sterling Silver Turquoise Pendant, Handmade Gifts for Her,OOAK Pendant, Gift Ideas for Her

Blue Wire Wrapped Donut Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Turquoise Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace Handmade Gifts for Her OOAK Pendant #589 by ThePendantMan on Etsy

Faerie Cameo Pendant, Wicca Pendant, Wire Wrapped Pendant,Faerie Pendant, Cameo Necklace, Handmade Pendant,Gifts for Her, Spiritual Pendant

Banded Amethyst Pendant Necklace Wire Wrapped Handmade Birthstone Jewelry Gifts For Her Chakra Healing Necklace Pendant # 611 by AlsJewelryDesigns on Etsy