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Ketogenic Diet and Alzheimer's Disease - Livestrong

Vitamins That Cost Pennies a Day Seen Delaying Dementia: Brain scan comparison of Alzheimer’s disease.

Resin cast of arteries in the brain. Your brain consumes about 20% of your body's energy so it needs a lot of blood flow to keep it supplied with nutrients. Even knowing that, the density of the neurons here amazes me--they look almost the size of the brain itself!

Resin cast of arteries in the brain. An especially fascinating cast showing the need of oxygen in our headbang tool.

Naturally Curing Lyme Disease and Chronic Lyme Disease http://www.corespirit.com/naturally-curing-lyme-disease-chronic-lyme-disease/ For the sake of brevity, most of the research that we have compiled about Lyme disease is being omitted from this report. We expect to expand upon this topic later. The omissions include how Lyme disease is a U.S. Military bio-weapon that was accidentally released from the Plum Island facility,...

Tick removal: Squirt a glob of liquid hand soap on a cotton ball. Cover the entire tick with the soaked cotton ball for a full 20 seconds. The tick will back out and be stuck to the cotton ball when it's pulled away.

Neuroscientists now assert that there is no evidence within brain imaging that indicates some people are right-brained or left-brained. For years in popular culture, the terms left-brained and right-brained have come to refer to personality types, with an assumption that some people use the right side of their brain more, while some use the left side more. Researchers have debunked that myth through identifying specific networks in the left and right brain that process lateralized functions.

Researchers debunk myth of 'right-brained' and 'left-brained' personality traits

newly released research findings from University of Utah neuroscientists assert that there is no evidence within brain imaging that indicates some people are right-brained or left-brained.

Tongue Health Diagnosis Lots Of Charts And Images | The WHOot

Warning Signs Your Tongue Is Sending You About Your Health Your tongue is trying to tell you something, so listen up! See how to identify some common health issues by examining the health of your tongue!

Scientists identify molecular trigger for Alzheimer’s disease | University of Cambridge

Researchers have pinpointed a catalytic trigger for the onset of Alzheimer's disease – when the fundamental structure of a protein molecule changes to cause a chain reaction that leads to the death of neurons in the brain.

Creating experiences for relaxing and fun activities

Take Off the Pressure: 7 Creative Experiences to Try with Your Loved One with Dementia


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#1 Worst Food That Kills Your Brain - Free Report « FreebiesnDeals.com

Food that HARMS your brain: Fructose In a 2012 UCLA study published in the Journal of Physiology, researchers found that a diet high in fructose over time can damage your memory and learning ability.