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Suspended NBC News celebrity anchorman Brian Williams continues to come under scrutiny. Now that the man whose big fib about being in a military helicopter that came under enemy fire in Iraq has be...

There is no election. Folks are confusing television with reality. #puppidentialelection2016

Freedom of the Press? Nope - it's Propaganda to deceive you, Sheeples, so you will not think and see clearly for yourselves. Wake Up Sovereign Americans!

Visit our website now: - considered by informed insiders’ as THE ultimate resource for fixing the National Debt problem and survivin...

Former Miss Teen Slams Media Against Trump: He Was “An Absolute Gentleman” -

from Chloe Social

What to Post on Each Social Media Outlet

Each social network is different so it's important to play to each one's strengths and know what to post on each social media outlet. #SMM #SocilaMedia

False knowledge (aka lies) are spoon fed it everyday via "polls", via mainstream media....false knowledge as misrepresented facts (via omission) or without due diligence. Know the difference....

this is a great quote because it explains how much media can change our perceptions and have us believe something that we normally wouldnt.. i think it is important to try to get your news from as many different sources so that have a higher variety of view points and opinions. this can help you form your own view points an opinions as opposed to just believing in one..

Trey Gowdy Literally Walks Out After Dropping Hillary, Comey & Reporters During News Conference