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Vintage Attentive Bears Salt and Pepper Shakers

Wow!! This is an amazing statement!!! How true it is! Unless you're sitting and watching a television or staring at a cell phone I would say this is true. I would sit for hours writing, knowing I had dishes to do. Always knew I should have been a writer.

Open up a book and get distracted husband is on cover is not currently single more worried than Christopher Robin and AA Milne was a father too and cannot choose a man who chose to remain single over and artist whose hands I can draw

Okay to gently say to yourself… sometimes. But, it does NOT work as a cheer-up when you say it to someone else. You've just told them that their "bad" feelings are not valid, and added guilt and misunderstanding to those feelings. Just listen. #grace #undeserving Thankful that God is more concerned with my heart rather than my behavior.