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Daredevil: D o m e j u s t i c e , O G o d , and fight my fight against an unholy people, r e s c u e m e from t h e w i c k e d a n d d e c e i t f u l m a n. // “Lawyer by day, vigilante by night. The hell does that work? .”

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Money Coin Counting Spelling Activity Learning Center- Math/Lit Integration-CCSS

How much is a word worth? Perfect for the kids to do with sight words or names and fabulous money reinforcement!

"Snowman ABC's" A B C D E Build a snowman just for me. F G H I J Please don't let him melt away. K L M N O Is he melting? NO! NO! NO! P Q R S T Down he melts away from me. U V W X Y Z I'll build him again you see. ~ Author Unknown

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Juniors' J.K. Rowling Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them "Newt Scamander" Graphic Tee, Girl's, Size:



Make Physical Fitness Fun {Alphabet Exercises}

A - Act like a cat B - Bend at the knees C - Chair pose D - Dance E - Elephant steps F – Fly like a bird G - Gallop H – Hugs I - Itsy bitsy steps J – Jump K – Kick L – Leg lifts M – March N – Noisy steps O – Open and shut arms P – Pop up Q -Quiet hops R – Runs S -Side steps T – Turns U – Under momma’s legs V – Vacuum W – Wiggles X – “X” jumping jacks Y – Yoga (downward dog) Z – Zig zag steps

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Beginning Sounds

Beginning Sounds cut and paste fun! EIGHT different beginning sounds worksheets where students cut and paste the pictures in the boxes next to the letter/sound the word starts with. These are simple yet effective learning worksheets. All 8 are provided in both full color and also in black and white that students can color in.

“Every9ne was raving a69ut h9w g99d the fresh 6aked cake smelled, s9 y9u t99k a 6ig sniff, I guess f9rgetting f9r a m9ment y9u c9uldn’t smell. Then y9u quickly caught y9urself, and played it c99l making sure n9 9ne n9ticed, which n9 9ne did. 6ut I n9ticed. And I just th9ught that was kind 9f endearing.” I love latula, kankri, AND mituna <3