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How to make a Christmas tree out of jewelry? - Learning to do everything yourself patricia andries

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Inspirational Printables

Large collection of free original Inspirational Printables. Perfect for crafts, greeting cards and framed art.


Fractal pattern by Essi Varis

$PATTERN: Fractal doily by Essi Varis (I love her description on etsy! "Enjoy crocheting? But feeling uncomfortable with that lacy, grandmotherish vintage feel that crocheted decorations tend to have? Fear not! For what is crocheting but algorithms? And what could result into cleaner, more modern shapes than the simplest of mathematics? This is not your Great Auntie’s doily - though it might as well be. Hardly anything is more timeless than fractals, after all."

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The Day Left - Original Encaustic Collage Painting

The Day Left Original Encaustic Collage by TheLegendofNow on Etsy

Button Wreath.....just bought red and green buttons for a Christmas Wreath!

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25+ Beautiful DIY Fabric and Paper Doily Crafts

I've always considered Doilies small works of art. Using them as art decor gives them their well deserved respect.

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Giclee Print of Vintage Anti-War Poster from 1968

Joe Simboli designed a set of War/Peace posters in 1968 in response to a call from Herb Lubalin, a well-known NYC art director for Avant Garde magazine, who was sponsoring a "No More War" contest. Deeply affected by his experience at the liberation of Ohrdruf Concentration Camp during WWII, Joe designed the posters as a reflection on the insane nature of war. The Peace design, featuring a dove with the colors of mankind in its tail, represented the USA in a worldwide UN contest.

I love this went to the website for more inspiration and like 99 % of the web pages very little about the pinned item and lots about everything else. still love it but wish it linked better to the item

from Etsy

Art Nouveau Headdress Mucha Goddess Vintage Brass And Glass Raven Eve Jewelry

Art Nouveau Headdress Mucha Goddess Vintage Brass And Glass Raven Eve Jewelry 2012.