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Play along with Hot Cross Buns, Mary's Lamb and my original tune, "Fingerprints Fly (instrumental track)! These videos are set to a metronome with captions of the notes at a slow tempo for beginning students.

Recorder Technique Bundled Videos: Hand Position,Tonguing, Making a Sound

Help I Teach Recorder! Here are my three best selling technique videos bundled together in a zip folder for easy access for Unit One in my recorder series, "Recorder Finger Puppet Show." Unit One focuses on teaching the first three notes when learning the recorder: B, A and G.

25 pop songs to use with students. These are great whether you are looking for songs to play at random times or songs to use for lessons! No need to fear the language or message that your students are hearing!

Big Kids, Young Adults: 10 Ways to Connect With Middle and High Schoolers

Big Kids, Young Adults: 10 Ways to Connect With Middle and High Schoolers - Teachers Pay Teachers

ePals expands beyond the classroom walls and provides students with an opportunity for collaboration on a global level. It also attempts to provide students with an engaging learning experience that is self-paced, self-directed and safe. Ultimately, students who use ePals practice 21st Century Skills.

Growth Mindset Coupons / Badges

I use these badges with my students to praise them when they display a growth mindset. I give each student a page of the badges and I have them observe their classmates. Then I have designated badge times where Ill give the opportunity for them to give out badges (if you let them give them out whenever they want it becomes a distraction).

32 Lessons Every Kindergartner Can accomplish on a computer. An amazon buy, but still worth it if it helps the younger students practice their computer skills. -Student Tools

Recorder Fingering Folder Game

This folder game will help students become familiar with or review recorder fingerings. As students work in groups to play this game, students will match note names with recorder fingerings. Use this game as a kinesthetic flash card game, or when laminated, a dry erase worksheet.