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The Serengeti migration is a remarkable and a very impressive story. This migration takes place within the Kenya and Tanzania and is considered one of the

Okapi - native to the Ituri Rainforest, located in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of The Congo, in Central Africa.

Which Safari Animal Are You Like When You're Hungry?

Zebras. You can see Over 3000 more animal pictures on my Facebook "Animals Are Awesome" page. animals, wildlife, pictures, nature, fish, birds, photography, cute, beautiful.

Zebra babe. Brown stripes are natural among newborn zebras; they will turn to black when she is between 9 and 18 months old. Every zebra has a different pattern of stripes. The stripes help them avoid predator attacks as they make it hard for a zebra hungry hunter to single out one animal from a fleeing herd.