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explain a film plot badly 2 (1)

20 Explain a Film Plot Badly Pictures That Will Ruin Movies For You Forever

Producer of Fight Club Ross Greyson Bell talks about the his journey to developing this great film. Also he's an aussie.

Sometimes teachers are awesome. @caogan3

Here are some awesome and geeky teachers that are doing it right. My personal fave is setting the wasp on fire and the gym teacher/ archer.

Funniest and most accurate thing I have ever read in my entire life.

omg I died laughing! this is awesome, and true. Kill them and eat their cookies! The Doctor Who one true!

Man Gets A Phone Call From ATandT, What He Does Next Is Hilarious

Probably One Of The Best Phone Calls Ever.I need this man to take over my phone calls.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel bond over The Smiths in "500 Days of Summer." So cute :)

500 Days of Summer I love The Smiths - Summer Finn Sorry? - Tom Hansen I said I love The Smiths. You have a good taste in music. To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die. I love `em - Summer Finn Holy shit - Tom Hansen

These joke are really not funny but that what make them funny

These Jokes Are So Terrible, They’re Actually Funny

What people say in their sleep...

15 Funniest things people say in their sleep. I used to be a sleep talker/walker. Have said some crazy things! remember when I thought I was in my radio and then knocked myself out?

It must be done. by amelia

These just sound like fantastic things to do. 20 ways to keep a healthy amount of insanity

I'M DYING please read the whole thing hahahahah

I'M DYING please read the whole thing hahahahah Apparently I did not speak french.

Tumblr- Self Esteem Raiser Comp I already pinned this but.... It's so awesome!!

These are all pretty freaking awesome. I love how everyone on tumble is getting really smooth lately.

30 Joyfully and Wittily Comics About Our Life, Check more at

7+ Hilariously Accurate Comics About Adulthood And Life By Owlturd