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Interactive Lesson FREE!: Flip-Open Generic Suitcase for Any 3rd-8th Grade Teacher. Art project that fits almost ANY topic!! FREE!!

Interactive Lesson FREE!: Friendship Activity Lesson for 3rd-5th grade. Get this interactive activity where students learn the importance of friendship and do a FUN!! wheel art project created with "traits of a good friend."

Health Lesson: How Alcohol Affects the Body Art Activity

Show your students how alcohol affects the body with this lesson and cool art project. Cost-7.00

Interactive Lesson FREE!: "Healthy Eating Tennis Shoe" For Any 3rd - 8th Grade Teacher! our students will love having these cool “Eat Healthy” tennis shoes that really lace up. FREE!

Click on the FREE download to get 75 delicious picnic recipes FREE!!!!!!! Thank you to all the awesome TPT sellers who took the time to send me their favorite recipes and make this recipe book possible. We're springing into summer with good taste!! AND WE HAVE 75 RECIPES FOR YOU!!

Elementary Health Curriculum Made Easy!: Full Year 3rd Grade Health Lessons

Still need to get Health standards taught to your 3rd grade class this year? No problem-get the "EASY-TO-TEACH" program that can be done as homework!!!