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picture palaces: Imperial Picture Pavilion in Lutwyche

Broadcast House. Abandoned ABC radio-TV studios in Toowong, Brisbane, Australia.

Victoria Park Railway Tunnel in Brisbane, Australia played host to one of Brisbane's most famous ghosts in 1965, after a group of local children overheard rumours suggesting a ghost had been observed within the tunnel. The following night, the intrepid ghost hunters crept down in the hope of spotting the spook. One boy, was apparently accosted by a misty green, armless, legless, headless apparition that seemed to materialise from the wall of the tunnel.

Aradale, also known as Ararat Mental Asylum located in Victoria, Australia, had 13,000 deaths in just 130 years. The complex consisted of 63 buildings, employed a staff of 500, and was basically the size of a small town. Among the apparitions reported to be wandering it's corridors, are nurses in white uniforms and dark figures. Crying, moaning and footsteps have been heard

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