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Kajuan Raye Chicago Police Shooting More details about the Kajuan Raye Chicago police shooting have been released. The sergeant who killed the 19-year-old claimed that he pointed a gun at him twice. Authorities have not found a weapon. The shooting occurred on Wednesday November 23 2016 one day before Thanksgiving. The sergeant responded to a call of a battery in progress. The sergeant claims that Kajuan matched the description of the battery suspect. As mentioned above the sergeant also…

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#Yes all women! Placing the shootings at Isla Vista in a larger context. The Power of a hashtag!

Damian, you are dangerous enough. Bruce does not need to be teaching anything else in the combat department.

It's an oddity to me that the people who yell loudest about how important our "freedom" is, do not want anyone stepping out of their line and actually choosing to use their freedom.

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Indian women live in fear of violence as gang-rape of 23-year-old student on a bus sparks protests

I was just talking about this with my mother. We, sadly, live in a society that blames the victim. She let herself get too drunk. If she dresses like that she was "asking for it". It's her fault for walking alone at night in THAT neighborhood. It makes me sick as a person.