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‘Sister Wives’ Lawsuit: Utah’s Polygamy Ban Restored, Next Step Supreme Court?

‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Overcomes Yet Another Hurdle [Video]

Army Wife Army Mom Army Sister Army Dad Army by CutWithLoveDesigns

Army Wife, Army Mom, Army Sister, Army Dad, Army Girlfriend, Army Fiance Pull Over

Don't Worry, Daddy Loves You All

Don't Worry, Daddy Loves You All

Funny pictures about Utah. Oh, and cool pics about Utah. Also, Utah.

It can be hard to find the perfect Christmas gift for your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, or BFF, so we've put together a list of the BEST Christmas gift ideas for any of the women in your life. We'll guarantee she'll like each and every gift on this list! Click through this pin to see the full list of ideas and to enter to win a Christmas shopping spree!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women under $50

My mom and I were talking about if Ivanka is as smart as she's made out to be, why she put herself in the middle of her father's shit show. This isn't going to end well for any of them. If she were smart, she would have stayed far away for all this. If I were in her position, I would have taken off for Europe as soon as he announced his candidacy and laid low for a while.

THIS is what you call a First Family? America we ought to be Ashamed and Embarrassed that these people Conned and Rigged their way into The White House! A BIG MESS!

My magic // and you want a sister wives situation!? You like multiple partners? I'm sure there are plenty of women who would be all for this for you...lol just not me...I don't share well

My magic // and you want a sister wives situation! You like multiple partners? I'm sure there are plenty of women who would be all for this for you.lol just not me.I don't share well 😜

We also wanted to consider the impact wives have on their husbands. Who better to look at than our church leaders, who so often mention their wives as a main source of inspiration? If these men's words and interactions with their wives are any indication, these are some amazing women, and their husbands love them dearly.

What the Prophet and Apostles Say About Their Wives

""What LDS General Authorities say about their wives." This is seriously the best. All of them are my heroes! They are just so fantastic. Elder Scott's part-oh goodness, I cried. This article is so perfect, I can't even describe it.