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Ein Fan der #Lions hat sich für das Spiel gegen Australiens Rugbyteam Wallabies Stadionfein gemacht. (Foto: Dean Lewis/dpa)

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 24 Pics

In Light Of - This is a vertical frame of an image I posted a few years ago. Looking back at the scene, there were a few frames that I felt could work on their own. This was one of them. I quite enjoyed the play of light and shadow between the sea of Saguaro cacti and the glowing cliffs. The slight snow didn't hurt either. One of my favorite spots to escape to out west.

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Okay guys here comes a list of the people I ship in YOI so far •Viktor and Yuuri (well duh) •Yurio and Otabek •Guang Hong and Leo •Chris and JJ •Emil and Michele •Sara and Mila •Phichit and Seung-gil And let's not forget! •Yuuko and Takeshi And I also very very low key hope Yakov and Lilia get back together because I do think they kinda... fit together? You feel? ● Tags: #yurionice #yoi #victuri #vikturi #victuuri #viktornikiforov #victornikiforov #yuurikatsuki #yurikatsuki…

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This is perfect day

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Des Brophy -- This will be me, Millie and some other free spirit one day, dancing it up in the rain, and the umbrellas will be there only for dance props... or maybe decades from now it'll be you and your girls...