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do you guys feel included now? >>>> yay we have been spoken about

"Guys: "I love a strong independent woman." *meets a woman who won't put up with their bullshit* Guys: "She's crazy." No. You just can't control her. "

I don't know, who this guy is, but if one of his friends, relatives or anyone close to him reads this: Give him a handsake/ hug and tell him, that he made someone really happy, and he earned my respect.

Boys and men suffer, and they need support. Give it to them.

Omg Becky I just saw the tallest lesbian everrr and she was such a pervert.

As I am now 21 this does not reassure me. All the guys I know are either assholes or in a long term relationship. Well this is just great

Yeah but it's true. I've always liked Foxy, not even from the fandom and art, but just because idk. He was just my favorite without any sort of influence I just kinda played the game and was like "dats ma boi now"

"Just stopped at the drug store. Bought a bag of chips, a chocolate bar, a bag of Swedish fish, a box of tampons and a box of midol. The guy who rang me up just looks at me a goes "I'm sorry""

Why can't John accept sherlock's help. Mary is the one who killed herself, it isn't Sherlock's fault.