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Edits from Jack-Romero, My wonderful Wife The Butterfly kisses, Jack Romero-reloaded and a little beauty and nature ;) *****Disclaimer and credits***** If you see I reblogged a photo of yours from color and turned it to B&W I hope that you take it as a...

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danisplayground: Look at me… See my soul Set me free Make me whole Kiss me deep Breathe me in Feel the need Beneath my skin Light my fire It burns within Flames of desire Singe my skin Look at me…. set me free (c) ~ Dani’s Writings~ 2012

Im a single staright male with a fun wild imagination and a deep respect for women. I'm very athletic and also perform personal training, I love to have fun and have a great time . This blog is for me to let my fun sexy side show and hopefully everyone...

"she is a paradox. A puzzle. she is faithful and yet detached. she is committed and yet relaxed. she loves everybody and yet no one. she is sociable and yet solitary. she is gentle and yet tough. she...

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Sexy Sensual Love,Sexy Romantic,Sangs Hair,Hey Sexyyyyy,The Temporary Life,Couplegoals's Photo,Couplegoals S,Random December,Bella S Hair

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