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Sneaky wing nut & washer nano geocache. Just remember this would…

Sneaky fake grass nano #geocache. I actually like the placement of this one; being sort of on a tree base, it makes it look a little out of place and therefore a better chance of the observant person finding it. Hidden in a field? Probably forget it till spring when all the real grass is yellow. (collage made from websta by

Here's a sneaky little use for a plastic nano geocache container. It's not bad though; the location makes it possible to find. At least it's not in a field! (pics from Instagram stitched together by I.B. Geocaching & pinned to Geocache Ideas for Plastic Nanos - #IBGCp

Paracord spiders. These would be fun for geocachers to find as swag, but I wonder how hard it would be to insert a plastic nano with a log sheet into one of these and turn it into a #geocache? :)

Geocache sizes (Nano is a proposed size but still falls under Micro)

I had no idea there were so many different containers for geocache! Wow! Theres one Ive been trying to find for a while and havent had any luck....this makes me want to to go back and look!

Nano Invasion: A Tangled Mess (GC3YJ5Z) - Geocache of the Week February 5, 2015. It’s no secret that micros and nanos sometimes get a bad rap. But with the right creativity and work ethic, even the smallest geocaches can be a big adventure. To sign the logbook you’ll have to work the container through a series of tubes until it reaches the exit. (pics from the Geocaching Blog stitched together by I.B. Geocaching & pinned to #IBGCp

cool spot - nano #geocache hidden in a rock

Awesome geocache container. Only one is a nano. The rest are wooden dowels so the actual container can be detected using a magnet.