Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas | 356/365 | 21.09.15 I'm honestly just done for the day. I almost had a panic attack this morning just because when I'm not at school I am work. So I haven't done much of my homework, which by chance is all due this week, and it's my own fault. I'll survive. But i also just had one of THOSE days. Just so you understand a bit more I went to go take the bus to school. The lady ahead of me got on, then I was next. The bus driver closes the door in my face. So I knock… | 339/365 | 04.09.15 So this is my last month. MY LAST MONTH! What has even happened. What is my life. Where has the time gone. I'm so old (figuratively). Today I wanted to pull back, do something simple, effective, and refreshing. Once someone told me they missed the work that I use to do when I started this project. I don't think I'll ever be able to replicate what I first started doing as I've grown so much. And I know for a fact that would be so many things… | 113/365 "Trapped in a Vortex" | 21.01.15 So um yeah. here is my photo today. I'm going to rush off and do some other stuff. Don't have a lot of time to write something here tonight. Enjoy your night. | 193/365 "Hit The Road and Bite The Dust" | 11.04.15 Today has been a nice day. Went to work, came home cleaned my room so I can actually see my floor! Finishing up the very last of all my school work. It's been pretty relaxing. Now I'm just going to go listen to some music and relax some more :) Tell me how you day was and your plans for the weekend!