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The wood block, designed by Anthony Giannini, is an example of 3D printed wood as a possible building material that can be mass-customized.

Seed (P_BALL) Matsys. Andrew Kudless (design), Ron Rael of Emerging Objects for the fabrication of the 3D-printed concrete prototype....

Galería de Nuevos materiales: Ladrillos cerámicos impresos en 3D para la construcción a gran escala - 4 Completely different focus than most, experimenting various materials such as wood, salt, and clay (versus plastic).... - Emerging Objects 3D-printed a pavilion entirely out of salt | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Emerging Objects diseña una casa de sal impresa en 3D

The Picoroco wall is a full-scale mockup using Printing for the production of a free standing wall system. The design uses our Picoroco Block, which can be aggregated to create a random surface pattern.

The Planter Brick

The planter bricks are made by direct digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping technology. Ceramic particles are printed and held together using an organic binder and then fired in a kiln just like traditional bricks.