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I've been crying for the last two-three days. All because i dont understand why you made me believe you wanted something MORE when clearly you weren't ready for a relationship. You cut me out of your life without telling me shit. That's not fair. I'm not your ex girlfriend. I proved myself to you and you shut me out realizing i want to be with you. If you're not ready,tell me. Don't be a pussy about it. We are friends correct? Respect me as a friend and be upfront with me. I am so anxious…

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I am ready to leave this place. Forget about everyone I know. Pack up and disappear. I am tired of the memories that linger around every corner of the meaningless routine that is draining my soul away. I am ready to go, no goodbyes or explanations. I am ready to start over.

Thinking about starting the Couch to 5k program? Check the blog to read a personal experience with #couchto5k + download a free Here you go color run people, maybe we can get ready by June.

WIP for a Skillshare class I'm taking. Character and mouth shapes designed in Illustrator, ready for lip sync in After Effects! Follow me at

Quick, simple ab workout from Sweatbands and Spandex to get you swimsuit-ready for Spring Break. Repeat this cycle 3 times a day and start seeing results in just weeks. Increase reps as needed.

Goodnight lovelies ❤️ leave me some nice notifications to wake up to. Also, Comment some ideas for any boards you would like to see me make. I'm going to be on a lot more so stay tuned

I feel this way about some ppl. I'm sure there are some who feel this way about me too though...