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heavily-sprayed nonorganic fruits and veggies can alter your metabolism by interrupting your endocrine system. hummmmmm eating organic is good for the earth AND good for you. who knew?

How to eat candy and NOT gain weight.

If 1 M and M = a football field, is that whole candy bar worth it? A slice of pizza? Clean Eating motivation I'm never eating candy again unless I have a football field

If you insist on changing your body, do it a smart way. Eat clean, DON'T DIET. Don't starve yourself. And don't kill yourself with an obsession to be thin. Thinspiration is DEADLY.

Top 10 belly fat burning foods Don't know if it's true but I like all these foods - well maybe not the whey protein

Fresh on IGM > Counting #Fat & #Calories: Dont try to extinguish fat from your body. Its not feasible and not healthy above all. Just try to manage it with balanced nutrition and workout until you reach a reasonable ratio based on your body type and age. Wouldnt you like to know how much calories correspond to one... > http://infographicsmania.com/counting-fat/

Counting Fat - iNFOGRAPHiCs MANiA

Love infographics - A Pound of Fat burns calories a day. A Pound of Muscle Burns calories a day. What do you want working for you?


BEST Fitness Workouts and Recipes — 5 Simple Ways to Help Lose Weight by Boosting Your Metabolism

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How to Lose Weight Fast for Women; Easy Weight Loss Diet Plan & Fat loss tips, Lose 5 Lbs in a Week