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I really really like to sew knit fabrics. I enjoy working with woven fabric as well, but I prefer wearing garments that stretch. But sadly, knit fabric has gotten a bit of a bad reputation! I wanted to take some time to share with you some of the goals I have and future projects I want to get done. I've really enjoyed making jewelry, and sewing up clothing. It's been a busy few weeks but I finally got up off my booty and went supply shopping! This... FULL ARTICLE…

4 Fine Sewing Techniques from Quilting Arts: Sewing Ideas to Expand Your Stitchery and Sewing Machine Techniques for Quilting - Media - Quilting Daily

Trying something new can be intimidating. It can feel like becoming a master of a craft or hobby takes too long, or you may feel like you simply aren't cut out for it. I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday! This passed week I've been keeping myself busy with sewing, and sometimes it feels like I have more ideas than I have fabric. It's been a while since I've posted a jewelry-of-the-week article, and for that I have to apologize! So this week we... FULL ARTICLE…

yvonne porcella quilts

12 Christmas TP Roll Crafts - we love to craft frugally and these TP Roll Crafts are simply so clever and so fun! So many great Christmas DIY Tutorials in one place.. start saving those TP Rolls NOW!

Bandanna Bibs Tutorial - this would be handy for Mac in the future but I think I'll try it with Owen pretty soon. He drools alllllll the time. Probably will just buy some real bandannas though.

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