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Själskina | Ästhetische,  Rekonstruktive & Plastische Chirurgie. By Själstorm

Själskina | Ästhetische, Rekonstruktive & Plastische Chirurgie. By Själstorm

Designer: Nick Tibbetts.

I really like this logo because it is visually interesting to see when part of one number or letter serves as the structure for another one. This image has the numbers 3 all combined. Also the colors used are complementary with negative space in the

American Graphic Design | Alvin Lustig design for New Directions 1950.

"The Aspern Papers, The Europeans", by Henry James, Ed. 'New Directions', - Book Cover Jacket Design by Alvin Lustig (b. 1915 - d.

Simple but spot-on. The "LONDON LoNDoN" poster is designed by Quentin Newark of Atelier Works.


I really like this simple typography, because although it has a lot of white space it conveys colors and an object very typical to London. When I think of London I think of red and I think of the two story buses. This is a great use of type and color!

Even though the typographical design is nice I kind of read BS.. And that doesn't make me want to read the smaller text..

A few months ago I was visited by Acne Paper to assist them in doing some Letterpress printing for the next issue. These large letters are.

Enjoy San Francisco Poster - via Etsy.

Graphic design inspiration graphic design, typography Enjoy San Francisco Poster by Albert and Marie graphic S