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Sweet dreams, best friends... During deployments, dogs and handlers can be together 24/7. They develop bonds they say are often deeper than the handlers have with close family. No wonder so many handlers want to adopt the dogs they've served with.

Military Working Dog and its Handler.

War dog and his handler bonding

Vigo the Military Working Dog with his Handler in Afghanistan

The love between the MWD and it's handler is deep

Has anyone seen Always Faithful yet? It's a documentary that follows five Marine dog handlers from training through deployment.

How military working dogs sleep with their handlers. -

Mo has already developed a very close bond with his handler. Back in March we introduced Mo, our latest four-legged recruit, on his first day with GMP. Now a few months into his training, he is learning all the skill required to become a fully-fledged operational police dog on the streets of Greater Manchester. Each of our police dogs is assigned its own handler who will accompany them throughout their service