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The final holes of The Masters and although not breaking the rules I imagine most will be doing this

Funny, quirky, ridiculous and just plain weird cartoons from the mind of Scottish cartoonist Peter J Herron who is popping a chortle wheelie with his mind tricycle.

This guy makes Lance Armstrong look like a Christian missionary!??!?!?

Only 12 days till the World Cup...then we get to see overpaid babies throwing their rattles out the pram cos a bigger boy took their ball

Check out the Cartoon Collections series. A set of 5 related funny cartoons on a range of subjects

World Cup 2014 series - Cheats always get caught because someone does something colossally stupid

Here is my twisted homage to the truly awful 80's tv show Blind Date

World Cup 2014 - Remember wanting to be your favourite player as a kid? This is what kids of today have to contend with.......