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My brother! Hee hee

My brother!

My brother at Halloween as Finn minecraftified

My brother at Halloween as Finn minecraftified

Honey Chicken. Tasty, and the kids liked it. Quick and easy to make.

I really can't stop laughing. He just wanted to be fabulous. Not to mention who ever owns this place loves Frozen. I mean just look at everything in the background. Can I marry you?

Sydney is a Tumblr user who has been posting her text conversations with her mother online. | This Is What Happens When You Text Your Mom Nothing But Frozen Screencaps

A girl had a bunch of text conversations with her mom using only screencaps from "Frozen." So funny!


How to make a beautiful dress out of shorts! Remake of "making a dress out of a guys shirt"

How do I repost I don't know

Just because I love God. I don't care if he does me a favor, a pin can't dictate that! I pin this because I want to let everyone now that I am proud to be Christian and God loves all of us

Don't put Grams on the line here

I traditionally don't do chain mail but I love my grandmother and I don't believe if I passed this she'd die (she's too much of a bullheaded German) but I love her and that's what matters!


Who cares about the favor repost if you love God! I agree ^_^<<<the favours never work but I love the Lord God!