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DIY Honey Lemon Facial Hair Removal Wonder if I can do this with agave instead? This only work for facial hair?

Another hair removing concoction that will need to be tested before I ever believe it could work even a bit.

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SUCH good tips on getting rid of facial hair without expensive laser treatments! thestir.cafemom.c...

32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About (With Pictures)

Beauty Tip on 9 Best Facial Hair Removal Options if You Can't Afford Laser by Angelica Sky. Check out more Beauty Services on Bellashoot.

I would try this just because if it works that's awesome and if not my armpits will just smell like coffee.

Get rid of unwanted hair anywhere! For 1 week, rub 2 tbsp of coffee grinds mixed with 1 tsp of baking soda. The baking soda intensifies the compounds of the coffee breaking down the hair follicles at the root.

Genious homemade wax that you can wash off with hot water!

Make Hair Removal Wax at Home

D.I.Y. Sugar recipe for removing hair. Heard its better than shaving, less painful than waxing and cheaper than both.

DIY Sugaring Hair Removal Centuries ago in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra and her handmaidens discovered a secret beauty treatment that magically and painlessly got rid of unwanted hair…and this recipe was lost for years until recently discovered.

Learn how to make sugar wax at home in just a few easy steps! All natural, and only 3 ingredients, it's way better than shaving or waxing!

How to Make Sugar Wax at Home

cup lemon, cup water, 2 cups sugar Boil in deep pot min on high. Remove from heat and let cool, pull apart and apply opposite hair growth and peel off

DIY Sugaring removes hair as well and for as long as waxing and costs about $2.

How to Remove Hair With Sugar

DIY Sugaring-removes hair as well and for as long as waxing but less painful. recipe and step by step process of making it.

1 teaspoon sea salt, 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. Mix together, then spread on area and gently rub prior to showering. Wash off before shaving. By exfoliating the area, you can help eliminate excess dead skin that could be causing a reaction. The salt in the scrub also aids as an anti-bacterial to keep irritation down as well. I've tried this and it works!!

1 teaspoon sea salt or sugar 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil Mix together, then spread on area and rub gently prior to showering. Wash off before shaving. Another thing is to apply coconut oil to the surface prior to shaving.

How can I avoid getting red, bumpy, awful ingrown hairs when my hair regrows after shaving or a bikini wax? It makes me self-conscious. #Hair-Beauty

Great expert tips on how to get rid of and prevent those red bumps and ingrown hairs that sometimes come aftert waxing or shaving . Apparently using deodorant on skin after shaving keeps red bumps away.

Hair removal

Honey Lemon Facial Hair Remover Not sure if this is going to work but either way I'll end up with soft skin and it tastes good !

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Juice from half a lemon 1 egg white. Mix apply to face for 30 mins. Wash with warm water. Apply normal moisturizer, a week.

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Natural DIY Hair Removal Recipes

Sugar waxing-Heeey ladies, I thought I would share my secret in saving the big bucks and multiple costly trips to the salon for hair removal. It costs an arm and leg to feel and look good for yourself or your s…