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These violent delights have violent ends

Cutest dork in the history of dorks || HAHAH || Sebastian Stan || IN the apparition

When you realize he is literally twice your age and you're still in love with him.

I was like, JUST DO IT! || Sebastian Stan || #actors #quotes

His face at the end...Hahaha, the Mad Hatter had the best faces and such sass.

I don't wanna get deep, but this actually smacked me across the face. Fuck. I'm in a weird mood.

"I slipped off a car. I mean, funny things happen. In the end it went well." -Sebastian Stan

Chris is adorable but look at sebs in the back.. | Its literally life | Sebastian Stan

I so seriously hope that when Bucky wakes up, Tony has realized that none of it was Bucky's fault and forgiven him and is not trying to kill him anymore. Can't all my boys please just be friends!

MawGad, Seeeb XD Staph XD LOL -- I make that same face when I'm tired, and I have a ton of stories to write.... lol